Lovely Lao

Pres Service International Columnist

Lovely Lao is a Sunday school teacher and is involved in children’s ministry at a local church. She is a passionate lover of God and people, especially children. Jesus is her ultimate joy and excitement in life and she is hungry to know and learn more about him. She is also married to a youth pastor who is a man after God’s heart.

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  • Who is driving?

    Most of us have been a passenger in a vehicle, while some are drivers, and others have experienced both. As a passenger, what’s going on in your mind as you look through the window? Were you bothered by the driver or not at all? 

  • One matters to God

    Having seven cats at home, I will be honest that I and my husband have two favorites among them as they are the sweetest and most behaved among the seven cats.

  • Falling in love with God

    Have you ever fallen in love with someone? Isn’t it the best feeling ever in this world? The moment your heart beats towards someone, you instantly forget about the pains of the past; you forget about your current problems.

  • Are you suffering for the sake of Christ or something else?

    Suffering seems to be expected in the faith walk. It is part of carrying our crosses when we follow Jesus that suffering for the sake of the Gospel and because of our faith in Him simply follows.

  • What Christ-centered Marriage Has Taught Me

    My ex-boyfriend (now my husband) and I weren’t fully Christians when we first met. I never prayed to God about whom I wanted to marry because marriage was never on my mind back then, and my ex-boyfriend, though already a Christian, didn’t have a relationship with God. 

  • Dependable Holy Spirit

    One thing I am so grateful to the Father and Jesus Christ for, is giving to us the Holy Spirit who reminds us of the Word and His promises, comforts us, guides us into the truth and helps us in our weaknesses.More than our Advocate, He is the closest and most trusted Friend you’ll ever have.

  • Why trusting in God should be the first thing you do

  • What children can teach us about faith

  • Powerful Holy Spirit

  • What Jesus said really made sense

    I once found myself saying to God that Christianity is such a tough road not because He makes it difficult to enter but because of your fellow believers. I found a lot of ironic things in the Church, in Christianity where what was being said do not match with the actions.