Petro Lancaster

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Petro Lancaster is a school counselor in-training and a newlywed wife to her husband, Ansen, who is a worship pastor at their church in Ohio. Originating from South Africa and growing up in New Zealand has given Petro a love for all things sport and travel, and a heart for the importance of community. Writing is Petro’s way of making sense of the world around her and expressing the words God places on her heart.

  • None taken

  • [Not] Deconstructing

    I need to preface all of this by stating that I truly, deeply love Jesus with all my heart, am a big fan of the local church, and still identify as Christian. Reserve the panic and stay with me.

  • Cross-stitch Christianity

    I am blessed to be living in the northern hemisphere, where the temperatures are rising and that sweet summertime energy is coming back. All the ‘yard dad’s’ are out here manicuring their lawns to perfection. Meanwhile, our lawn started the season burnt to a crisp. Like, dead dead.

  • Hands and Feet Feelings

    It is no secret that our world is angry, divided and growing more so by the day. Just this week there were three events that triggered SO much emotion to spill out of people – in person and online.

  • If God is God, then what?

    If God is who He says He is, then what?

  • The sound of silence

    Our western culture is celebrating extreme busyness more with each coming year. Productivity and success are assumed to be the outcomes of constantly being on the move, so we fill our schedules to overflowing and write impossible to-do lists.

  • Hope in a hopelessness situation

    I never would have imagined that this is what my life in February 2021 would have been.

  • Healing rhythm of home

    In western culture there is a natural annual rhythm. Every December, no matter where you live or what you believe, you go home. Home to a people or a place that know your core.

  • Life Prep

    Like any good Millennial Christian, I am a regular consumer of the YouVersion Bible’s reading plans and devotionals.

  • Status: Adopted

    This last weekend my roommate and I did a crazy thing: we adopted a dog after starting our master’s degrees less than two months ago. We live in a small two-bedroom apartment that is currently missing half of the bottom few shutters on the front blinds. Thanks to said dog one fateful Thursday night.