Ann Smith

Stacy-Ann Smith is a Press Service International Young Writer and winner of the Basil Sellers Award.

  • Slow burn

    She slept the sleep filled with little girl’s dreams, or so she believed. But those dreams were interrupted by his body pressed against her back as he rubbed himself against her.

  • Saving face: The Church’s response to sexual abuse

    She slept the sleep filled with little girl’s dreams, or so she believed.

  • Escape hatch

    “Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes.” You know it.  I know it. The bullet holes are many. Natural disasters, racial tensions, gun violence, overlooked lower class, overworked middle class, over-criticized upper class - gaping bullet holes.

  • Let me be a woman

    Womanhood - what is it?  With over 70  reported options to choose from when defining gender on Facebook what you came out the womb with isn't enough in defining the amazingness of feminine splendour.

  • Who are you?

    I recently ran across a video by rapper Andy Mineo. In it he shares his experience of God using himself and Lecrae to rescue a transgender woman from committing suicide.

  • The gospel for the slave

    According to Equalitynow approximately 20.9 million adults and children are bought and sold for sexual servitude, forced labour and bonded labour.

  • That’s Word

    “You are not pretty enough or stylish enough” were the words of a pre-pubescent boy.

  • East versus west: the church in crisis

    Living here in the East (Bali) I cannot help but observe the manner in which individuals respond to the gospel.

  • Is it me or is it you?

    A big part of being in a new country is getting acclimated to the culture. It's not just what is eaten but how we cook the food we eat.

  • Straight up

    I live in a country where dealing with conflicts directly is not the order of the day.