Ann Smith

  • Who are you?

    I recently ran across a video by rapper Andy Mineo. In it he shares his experience of God using himself and Lecrae to rescue a transgender woman from committing suicide.

  • The gospel for the slave

    According to Equalitynow approximately 20.9 million adults and children are bought and sold for sexual servitude, forced labour and bonded labour.

  • That’s Word

    “You are not pretty enough or stylish enough” were the words of a pre-pubescent boy.

  • East versus west: the church in crisis

    Living here in the East (Bali) I cannot help but observe the manner in which individuals respond to the gospel.

  • Is it me or is it you?

    A big part of being in a new country is getting acclimated to the culture. It's not just what is eaten but how we cook the food we eat.

  • Straight up

    I live in a country where dealing with conflicts directly is not the order of the day.

  • Pride and Prejudice

    One of my favorite movies in the world is Pride and Prejudice. To me it’s a beautiful story of how first impressions aren’t always right and that pride holds us back.