Steve Cole

Press Service International

Stephen Cole is the pastor at the Grafton Hub (Baptist)with his wife Jessica and two small children. Steve and Jessica are originally from Bourke NSW where he was formally an electrician. 

  • The Commonwealth of children

    “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.” (Psalm chapter 82, verse 3) “The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself,...” (Leviticus chapter 19, verse 34)

  • Reflections of His Glory

    I’ve always been one to admire Creation. To me, being able to sit in the quiet of the night, in the middle of nowhere gazing at the moon and stars has always brought a sense of awe. I would dare say most people experience this phenomenon! And, why wouldn’t they? The heavens are God’s handy work and tell us about the glory of God!

  • I know it, but I struggle to believe it!

    My wife, the children and me three months ago were making tracks back towards home after a holiday in sunny Brisbane. We had filled up the tank before we left and our reading on the gauge was fifty kilometers shy of our destination. As we neared home it was evident that we were, by the car's calculations, not going to make it!