Aaron Sabio

Press Service International

Aaron Sabio lives in Oceanside LA, is a pastor at Calvary Chapel Vista in Southern California. He enjoys coffee, volleyball, and singing with his worship band, [REVO]Collective.

  • God, My Help

    I’ve never been so wrecked by a text message before. My phone screamed pain, hurt, and desperation. The text told me that my sister-in-law was being rushed to the emergency room. She had miscarried and had lost so much blood that she passed out in my brother’s arms. She needed emergency surgery in order to stabilize her blood pressure or else…

  • The Price of Greatness

    I’ve been challenged with my understanding of greatness. During my last visit to New Zealand, I was able to receive wise counsel from one of my spiritual fathers in the faith. Pointing to the scriptures, he was able to invoke deep introspection in regard to the biblical definition of greatness.

  • Dear Self,

    I’ve come to learn that you and Satan have partnered up against my soul. I am unhappy about this. I’ve trusted you for so long and I feel taken advantage of. I’m not writing to shame you. You love that kind of attention. I’m writing to remind you that there is a better way of life.

  • Shutting up in 2019   

    I am extremely extroverted. In fact all of the online tests I take testify to this claim. Being around people gives me energy and life.

  • Make His name famous

    “Fear points you to the exact destiny that you are supposed to take hold of…” she encouraged as we neared the end of our phone interview. As the call ended, I sat down to think about the deeply convicting words she had just spoken and I began to walk in the designed purpose of her company. I glorified God.      

  • Godly friends

    In the frenzy of followers, fans, and frenemies, godly friends are unfortunately a dying breed. With the rise of technology, interpersonal relationships are pushed to the “awkward” categories of life. Today, it’s normal to feel uncomfortable with a simple face-to-face conversation without a smart gadget in hand.

  • Sometimes Ministers Want a Break

    Having arrived back from a long weekend of youth camp I was exhausted. I love travelling and serving with old and new friends, but I feel like I need at least three weeks of paid vacation.

  • Remembering the Unforgettable God

    One of my favorite Bible teachers once said a statement that has never left me. He said, “The regret of the past and the fear of the future are the twin enemies of the soul.”

  • Overcoming the Overwhelming

    I know I’m not the only one whose been anxious and overwhelmed. It is estimated that 40 million Americans suffer some form of anxiety disorder. That is 18% of all American adults. This is a scary statistic.

  • Making the most of your summer (northern hemisphere)

    I love everything about summer (writing in the northern hemisphere). I love the weather, activities, free time, and the opportunities to grow and learn new things. I have had extremely fruitful summers, and I’ve also squandered my summer vacations.