Chris Archibald

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Christopher Archibald lives in Sydney and is a Youth Leader at New Life Christian Church in Blacktown. A voracious reader, he ploughs through many books in a calendar year, with a bookcase that is constantly being rearranged to accommodate new additions.Christopher Archibald's previous articles may be viewed at

  • Blast from the past

    With lockdown forcing us all to spend much more time at home, not able to see friends like we would or go out and do activities and fun stuff on the weekends we can feel like we are trapped inside and no real options to spend our time.

  • The great escape

    A few weeks ago I met up for a nice dinner in Parramatta. Everything with the event went fine and it was a great night out to enjoy with some of the restrictions being lifted in Sydney

  • What to watch on TV 

    Recently I had to give a message at youth about ‘Sanctification’.  We are currently working our way through the ‘big words of the Bible’ and so far we have done the Trinity, Justification, Regeneration, Adoption and then my message on Sanctification.

  • Survivor night: outwit – outplay - outlast

    My youth group recently held a ‘Survivor Night’ and it was a huge success. Just like the popular reality TV show, we were broken up into tribes and competed in a series of challenges to determine the winner. Before the night began, us leaders got to church around two hours beforehand to set up and prepare for the night ahead.

  • Fun in the Sun

    With summer coming around soon I was reminded of the Spring Festival my church holds for the community.

  • What is a 'Scapegoat'

    Whenever something goes wrong we are always quick to point the finger and blame it on this person, or this event, and then tell anyone and everyone "this is why it went wrong!"

  • Winter Festival

    With winter in full swing, my church holds a festival for the community. It’s always a big event and having an afternoon of kids games, music and BBQ food is great to be a part of.

  • View: Too true of a line from one of our famous poems

    Dorothea MacKellar's 'My Country' is a timeless piece of poetry about Australia. She sums up in a few paragraphs everything about our country and what makes it so special.

  • Out of this world – KYCK camp

    For the last few years our Youth Group have gone to the annual KYCK camp, a weekend of messages, talks and worship for youth held at the Katoomba Christian Convention and this year was no different.

  • Butterfly Christians

    Butterflies are some of God's prettiest creatures. Like tiny stained glass windows fluttering around they share a similar growth cycle to that of a Christian.