Dan Peterson

Press Service International

Dan Peterson is an American young writer from Chicago, ministering in the refugee arena. Dan is a musician and personal fitness trainer.Dan Peterson's previous articles may be viewed at www.pressserviceinternational.org/dan-peterson.html

  • When is forgiveness troubling

    Self-preservation. Protection. Survival. We can't escape these instinctual desires. They often drive us in ways that we sometimes are ashamed of.

  • Justice is a constant

    Bill Gates is a renowned philanthropist whose specific concern is for the eradication of diseases such as polio in third world countries.

  • Regret and how it affects us

    Scars. Scars tell of our triumph and fearlessness. I've got one of those, on my arm. It tells of the time that I heaved a log over a river to make a bridge for my bush walking team. Albeit a bridge that no one was inclined to trust.

  • In welcoming we join the divine

    The last few months have been quite the political breeze: words flying around in the tumult of political rhetoric and fear, all neatly delivered through voices on our screens and in our cars daily.

  • Apathy – watch it like a hawk

    Perhaps the most terrifying thing I face is apathy. Disconnection is a dreaded enemy on the horizon for many followers of Christ, yet it so often confronts me.

  • God is in the medication

    Life with anxiety is a pretty common phenomenon these days. It took me more than 6 years to admit to myself that I had a problem.