Daniel Jang

Press Service International

Daniel Jang is a senior advisor with Ministry of Health New Zealand. He is an experienced writer, speaker and mentor to Press Service International (PSI) community. Daniel holds an MA in Applied Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute and GradDip in Theology from Laidlaw College.

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  • Money often costs too much

    Our economy is built on debt. For many New Zealanders, when they exit tertiary study, they are saddled with student loan repayments. After a few years of working, some or even most of that debt will be repaid, but it’s not long until a mortgage is added to the debt.

  • Israel in the time of Jesus

    The historical world of the first century Israel is fascinating to those who wish to understand more about Jesus’s life and ministry. Interestingly, there is a gap of about 300 years between the end of Old Testament and the beginning of New Testament in Scripture.

  • Ctrl-Alt-Del: Rebooting Life

    In 1981, David Bradley was part of a team building IBM's new personal computer. Back in the days, programmers had to manually restart the entire system whenever the computer encountered a coding glitch.

  • The Amazing Game of Two Halves

    It was half-time during a professional rugby league game. A player broke down and told the club chaplain that his life is in shambles...

  • The Untold Story of CrossWhites Football

    The CrossWhites are the New Zealand Christian football representative teams playing international football. Sounds like a religious group? The truth is that participants do not need to profess Christian faith to take part. Players are selected based on merit.

  • The Books of the Bible Your Pastor Never Preached On

    Do you know the books of the Bible that your pastor (or yourself) never preached on? If you have a hard time spelling them, chances are that they might be the most neglected and least studied books in the Bible. No, it’s not Leviticus. Some people love studying and preaching Leviticus.

  • Surviving Police Interrogation in Turkey

    Once I was visiting a Syrian refugee home in rural Turkey and a police van arrived on a “tip”. An angry Turkish man stormed into the house and shouted: “Why are you giving out Incil [Turkish New Testament] in my town? This is a Muslim country! The police are waiting for you outside. Goodbye.”

  • I just wanna die…painlessly!

    After a heated argument in a car, Petra shouted, “Let’s just die!”. Tom was so angry to the point that he momentarily obliged. He had his foot firmly anchored on the accelerator, ready to ‘crash and burn’.

  • Kissing through a veil is not intimate enough

    Imagine a groom who is about to kiss his new bride wearing a face veil. Should he kiss through the veil? She is still the same person, but it will be a diminished experience.

  • Seven Principles from the Song of Songs

    What is the Song of Songs all about? Is it about wisdom regarding sexuality? Or simply a collection of love poems from Solomon?