Jessica Currie

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Jess is married to Colin and they have a young daughter who is teaching them more than they are teaching her. Jess is also a recent college graduate who has no idea what she will do with her ministry degree, but is passionate about following Jesus wherever he may lead.

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  • Value add

    As a mum of a tiny tot I spend a fair chunk of time around other mums, reading mum blogs, and articles, scrolling through family forums. Whenever I'm around other parents, the topic of conversation is usually “the kids”.

  • Money, money, money

    I've heard the chorus to Abba's “Money, money, money” more times than I could count. You've probably heard it and know the words too, “money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man's world. Money, money, money, always sunny, in a rich man's world!”

  • Leading without a title

    As a stay at home mum, I'm certainly not a leader in the work force, and up until recently, I didn't hold an official position of leadership in my church. Technically, I don't really hold any titles of “leader”. 

  • Knowing God in 2019

    If this is the first blog or article that you've read about the new year, or how you should approach 2019, I'd be surprised. I'm well aware that, given that I'm writing this in January, the majority of people use this time of year to reflect on the year past, and set themselves up for the year ahead.

  • Is guilt good?

    I was (re)watching Marvel's “Daredevil” on Netflix the other night, when a really great quote came up, so I went to note it in my phone under my “writing ideas” heading. When I opened up the note, I realised I'd already written it there last time I watched the series! I figured that in that case, I'd better actually write about it.

  • Jesus: the leader

    When I think of who Jesus is, words like 'messiah', and 'Christ', come to mind. Maybe even 'miracle-worker' or 'teacher'. After all, he was and is all those things, and when he walked the earth he was either called by those names, or referred to himself using them.

  • What being a Mum has Taught me about Myself…and about God

    When I took my daughter for her 12 month immunisations and check up, my GP (who I should point out, I really like and respect) asked if I was still breastfeeding and how often. I said yes, a few times a day.

  • Fruit of the Spirit: Signposts in My Life

    If you've grown up in a Christian household, or you attended a Christian school, then the 'fruit of the Spirit' (or 'Spirit fruits' as my husband says) is something you've no doubt read about, heard about, and probably memorised. You may have even sung a song about them.

  • Feeling a little bit sensitive

  • The meaning of life equals...death?

    I recently watched the Marvel movie Dr Strange, in which the title character begins as a self-important, famous, wealthy neurosurgeon and ends as a 'sorcerer supreme', whose job it is to protect planet Earth from dark powers from other dimensions, using magic.