Meenal Chandra

Press Service International

  • ‘Tis the Season 

  • Self-talk

    Have you ever found yourself in a tough season? Perhaps it is here, when you find yourself telling yourself lines such as ‘You’re not good enough?’, ‘You can’t do this?’, ‘You’re not strong enough’, ‘I can’t finish’, ‘I can’t keep this up’ or even ‘Just give up’.

  • You are What You Worship

  • Let Food be thy Medicine

    This is a a little bit of a different article this month, however this topic has been on my mind for quite some time and thought it was right for me to have a voice on it. A topic we don’t really hear about on the platform as Christians, is around healthy eating and exercise.

  • Do you see what I see?

    How often have you missed a moment because you were ‘too busy’ or missed the bigger picture because you were so focused on ensuring your small part of the world was being attended to?

  • This World is Yours

    Last month, my husband and I travelled through Italy and Greece on an incredibly fun adventure! From Venice to the Amalfi Coast we found that every facet of Italy was so vast and unique. We loved tasting local food and seeing the sights that each place was known for and we were blown away with the landscapes and natural beauty.

  • Don’t forget the tug boats

    Last week as I was catching the train home from work I found myself staring into Circular Quay where a giant ship was leaving the harbour into the open seas—led only by a small tug boat.

  • The dream day by day

    3…2….1… and as simple as that; it's coming up to the start of a whole new year! And I'll be married.

  • Ice packs

    Five years ago I wrote about getting my wisdom teeth extracted. Back then, despite sleep and a few pain killers – the best way I have found to reduce soreness is a good old ice pack.

  • Changing seasons - Part II

    This piece I originally wrote in April 2014 and my golly how much has changed and yet so much has stayed the same now 3 years later.