Shannon Munyard

Press Service International

Shannon Munyard is home to the Adelaide Hills where she works as a horse riding instructor and equine assisted learning facilitator at a non-for profit youth campsite. Shannon is passionate about authenticity, and seeing people connected to their hearts. She loves the outdoors, bush camping, pondering deep questions and Jesus.

  • #Awkward

    For all of my high school years I hated that word. Defined by my peers, it was a word used mostly for derogatory put down. “You’re so awkward.” “I just met the most socially awkward human.” “You’re never going to be in a relationship because you’re just so awkward.” “I just can’t stand the awkward silence.” 

  • Trending: ‘Your Church is Too Cliquey for Me.’

    It’s the statements going around in young adult churches lately that break my heart. ‘I’ve tried to make friends, but these people are just so cliquey’, ‘I went there but I didn’t feel welcomed’, ‘I hate it when the church service finishes because I have no one to talk to’.

  • Jesus, My Refuge.

    I was praying the other night, and asked God what he wants my next article to be about. This isn’t something I do all the time as I often have something pressing, but over the course of the last month my wells felt a bit dry, no ideas or passions springing up.

  • Hurry up and love yourself

    The other day my brother came into my room, walked over to the mirror and checked himself out. ‘Dang I look good’, he said whilst running his hand through his hair. Then he gave me his big ol’ smile and walked out the room. No conversation, nada.

  • Why Jesus is better than getting drunk on Friday night

    Why is Jesus better than getting drunk on Friday night? Short answer, he’s not.

  • My journey with anxiousness as a lover of Jesus

    ‘Just because you feel something doesn’t mean it’s real.’ 

  • What’s in my God spot? - Part 1

    The other day I left my chiropractic appointment feeling really offended.

  • Wrestling with God

    I’ve had people ask me before how I have such a deep relationship with God.

  • When will my life begin?

    In kindergarten I had a close friend in Primary school who used to hug me good morning before she went into class.