Sunny Kang

Press Service International

Sunny is as a weak as a broken reed, a flickering candle. But Abba God shows His abundant mercy again and again by incredibly loving this hopeless being. Soli deo Gloria.

  • Purpose-full

  • Holes made whole

    I like the way the sun falls on my skin. The shadows that wrap around are also captivating. It seems to make even the smallest things meaningful.

  • Gold-mining and honey-drinking

    Just like a lot of other Christians, one of my new year resolution is to read the Bible back to front.

  • Do you do God?

    Sometimes I feel like I'm that first cover on a bed underneath all the heavy winter layers of duvet.

  • One precious pearl

    Precious: adjective – of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly.

  • Eased easy’s and hardened hard’s

    It is easy. When the drums thunder and the lights shush, when the crowds roar and the tears burn, it is easy. Prayers of repentance flow like a river and grace like an ocean. You declare promises that you think now you can keep.

  • Purchased: The slave of bitterness

    Though in my full name the meaning of ‘goodness/kindness’ hides underneath, I could not have been the farthest from it. Only a week ago, I lived my whole life with irritation, outbursts of anger, selfishness and pride as my best friends.

  • At the pit: a prayer

    O Lord, You have made me new, yet how is my heart still as black as coal?

  • Snack-pocketing and glory-stealing

    Because I moved to New Zealand when I was only 8, I do not have a lot of memories of my childhood that I had in my motherland, Korea. So those that have survived in the limited storage space of my brain have a special lustre of their own. 

  • Dancing in His sigh

    Blessed is the one who walks, not dances