Sunny Kang

Press Service International

Sunny is as a weak as a broken reed, a flickering candle. But Abba God shows His abundant mercy again and again by incredibly loving this hopeless being. Soli deo Gloria.

  • Holes made whole

  • The lion, the witch and the book

  • Live in Love

    The cruelest words too often land on the hearts we love the most. The irony baffles me, every, single, time.

  • A race is a race

    Christianity is the only religion that exclaims “grace” – when all other religions have humans striving with all that they have in order to reach the throne of god, our God comes down Himself.

  • Eyes wide shut

    I live in a country that is torn into two. We are one, yet divided. We are split, yet attached. We are Korea, yet we are ‘South’ and we are ‘North’.

  • Eased easy’s and hardened hard’s

    It is easy. When the drums thunder and the lights shush, when the crowds roar and the tears burn, it is easy. Prayers of repentance flow like a river and grace like an ocean. You declare promises that you think now you can keep.

  • Confessions of an untiring procrastinator

    When was the last time I didn’t leave things to the last minute? Whether it be the piled-up laundry that needs to be sussed or an important assignment due the following week, I stretch out my ‘carefree’ leisure time as much as possible to avoid the troubles my duties bring.

  • Purpose-full

  • Gold-mining and honey-drinking

    Just like a lot of other Christians, one of my new year resolution is to read the Bible back to front.

  • Do you do God?

    Sometimes I feel like I'm that first cover on a bed underneath all the heavy winter layers of duvet.