Brendon Collins

Press Service International

Brendon Collins is a Press Service International young writer from Wellington NZ. He would love to hear from any readers if this article has encouraged you. You can find him on Facebook or Instagram or you can email him at:

  • Stopping for a week

    Is your life busy? Do you ever stop? Does your life keep you so busy that you are always on the move?

  • The Miracle in the Room

    Have you ever wondered when amiracle is on it's way? You may be reading this today and you are struggling with accepting a health diagnosed, or you are struggling with a report within your family or at your workplace that looks impossible. The great thing is that you aren't alone on this journey.

  • Living in courage

    When I was eleven years old I had a mental breakdown which was birthed out of a medical disorder that I was born with.  This was an intense time for me where I all I want to do was end my life at this stage of my journey. I had a spirit of fear and anxiety in my life. I didn't know what would be next for me. I was in a midst of a journey of constant bullying and I had no success at school where

  • Living in our God encounter

    In 2005, I was at Hillsong Conference. My first ever experience at a conference with thousands of people. I remember the first night as we sang the worship anthem “How Great is our God.” A choir declaring in a stadium the greatness of our God.

  • Live like we are saved

    A couple of weeks ago there was a big concert that came to the city that I live in. It was one of the biggest concerts that hit Wellington City. I was not for this concert due to what this particular artist stands for. He is against the Lord and he denies Jesus. This artist said in one of his quotes the following:

  • Are you too busy? 

    Have you ever asked someone how they are today or how their week has been? Their answer is that is has been busy? The term busy is very common in this day and age that we live in.

  • Walking in your Relationship with Jesus

    Over this summer period, I have been away on holiday. It has been a great time getting refreshed and renewed as I embark on a big year of ministry in 2019. The other day, I had some reflecting time.

  • Responding to the Call of God

    Wow, I can't believe that we are now at the end of another year. What an incredible year it has been. So many lives changed, souls saved, and miracles happening all across New Zealand. It is so exciting to be part of building God's Kingdom on the earth.

  • The mission that is set in time

    As I write this article, my mission trip in Thailand is coming to an end. A group of five people from my local church came to Thailand. What an amazing time it has been.

  • The Response of the Lord’s Leading

    I want to share what God is doing in my life to encourage you that he has called you for greatness.