Christopher Harris

Press Service International

Christopher Harris is 29 years old and confessed his faith in Jesus Christ in 2016 and has sought to set his focus on the Lord. He makes videos on his youtube channel and believes the world is living in those times prophesied by the Holy Bible as the last days. 

 A link to Christopher’s other articles:

  • Christians stand up

    In my previous article I wrote of how the case of Israel Folau demonstrates two important principles to Australians. One was that we see the open persecution of Christians who merely quote the Bible on social media, and the second was that we see a powerful example of a strong man of God who is prepared to stand in faith despite vilification, attacks, discrimination, mistreatment, harassment and exclusion from his career and the sport he loves.

  • Israel Folau, an example is set

    On the 10th of April 2019 one of the all-time best Ruby players in the world, Israel Folau, made a post on his personal Instagram social media account.

  • The antichrist

    When I was first reading the Bible and the final chapter, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, I was intrigued at the depiction of a terrible ungodly leader who would emerge in the last days and would rule over the whole earth. This man would lead a one world government and rule over all the nations and greatly persecute the saints of God.

  • Use the best that you have got

    I had a very encouraging dream recently. In this dream I was with a group of Christians in a spiritual place trying to complete a difficult test of cooperation together.

  • How to prepare for difficult times

    In my last article of 2018 “Planning for the future” I laid out reasons why I believe it is prudent to prepare for the coming times. I have been led this way personally by the Lord and have seen many dreams of chaos, disaster and difficult times to come.

  • Live organ harvesting in China

    I recently saw a 2017 documentary on YouTube called “Harvested Alive: The 10 Year Investigation” which was very startling and compiles a broad amount of evidence showing the large-scale live organ harvesting of State labelled dissidents, predominantly Falun Gong practitioners in China since 1999.

  • Planning for the future

    Before I came to the Lord Jesus Christ in 2016, I had felt for a long time that things would change in the world. This change I felt would be chaotic and extreme, and I was having dreams of natural disasters such as large tsunamis striking coastlands.

  • Repentance to avoid judgment

    The Lord shows me many things about His Word through dreams, and a serious issue He has brought up before, and again recently, is the importance of repentance.

  • Taking our thoughts into captivity

    Every day we are faced with new trials, new tests and temptations. Every day we have the opportunity to walk in accordance with the Word of God and be doers of the Word and not hearers only.

  • Dreams of War and Tribulation

    In my journey in growing in the Lord I have received many dreams of destruction, war and tribulation. Many of these were so startling and vivid, of events that have yet to come. Seeking God and believing in His Word I believe that He showed me what would be occurring during the days ahead.