Shane Rowney

Press Services International

Shane Rowney is currently living on the Gold Coast attending a local church. He enjoys surfing, gym and music but most of all spending time with his Father.

  • Are you really a pastor?

    I want to ask the question: are you really a pastor? If you are thinking of being a pastor, are you sure that is what God has called you to? I deeply respect God's anointed and I don’t mean to offend. I respect those who have laid down their lives to serve the body in whatever way God has intended.

  • Do we know the Holy Spirit?

    What are your thoughts about the Holy Spirit? How important is he to you? Do you know him personally? The reason I ask is because I believe our relationship with him is the most important relationship we will have on the earth. Our relationship with him changes the way we walk with God.

  • Is there anything hindering your walk with Jesus?

    If you were to be asked how your walk with the Lord is what would you say?

  • The Apostolic Reformation Part 1

    There is something major happening in the body of Christ around the world that will reshape what church looks like in the future.

  • Classic question

    Have you ever asked yourself 'who am I?'

  • When the ink dries

    When we come to the end of our lives what will we leave behind, what sort of an imprint will we leave on the world around us? Before I came into a relationship with Jesus I didn’t think about the sort of legacy I would be leaving behind, I am now though and I pose the same question to you.

  • Back to the basics

    Lately I have been reading about the early church in Acts, the gathering of the saints was a lot different to how it is today. In reality the only thing that has changed is the date and the culture. There is no reason why this generation of believers cannot walk like the saints of old, maybe somewhere along the line we forgot some of the basics!

  • Walk the call, use the gifts!

    I believe we have this one life to walk out the call of God on our lives, one opportunity, one chance, there is no going back. I have been getting convicted lately because I haven't been living with that in mind. Which is why I have written this!

  • What does it mean being 'purged'

    As a believer, I went through seasons of purging, as God was pruning my character, attitude and behaviour to be more like him. What does this look like?

  • Children can teach us how to pray

    So the other month I took my neighbour’s son for a walk, and as we were walking I asked him what he wanted to do and he wanted to go to the IGA, so I could buy him some toys and then get ice-cream. I told him that I only had two dollars and could only get a cheap ice-cream or toy.