Ann Smith

  • It's nothing new (PSI Best of 2018)

    The soul of the lazy man desires, but has nothing. But the soul of the diligent shall be made rich. Proverbs 13:4

  • Racism and the Caribbean Extrovert

    "Out of many, One People", my country's motto and our way of living. Don’t get me wrong, there is division amongst us, but even in our differences and trials we laugh at problems, dance when our issues arise and keep on moving.

  • When I Turned 30

    I recall when I turned 30. It stated $481 Jamaican dollars. That was the amount of money the ABM (ATM) receipt indicated I had left in my account. In US dollars that is $4.81. I chuckled at the number. I had so many desires in my heart and my pocket could not even begin to take care of them.

  • Leadership Trumps

    There is a lot of uproar regarding the Trump administration. Depending on who you listen to the leader of the free world is either a saint or the Devil himself. What’s most potent is the constant comparison - he is not like Obama, he is like Hitler, He is Christ’s response to the American crisis, he behaves like Kim Jon-un.

  • Why are You Holding out?

    That’s my response to God sometimes when I don’t get something I badly want.  Why is what I want so bad?  Why won’t you just do it my way for a change?  It’s the deception the enemy clouds our vision with that makes us second guess God’s intentions, and ultimately His wisdom and nature.

  • How far is too far?

    Recently a group of friends and I discussed what would we do if we were invited to a same sex wedding.

  • Slow burn

    She slept the sleep filled with little girl’s dreams, or so she believed. But those dreams were interrupted by his body pressed against her back as he rubbed himself against her.

  • Saving face: The Church’s response to sexual abuse

    She slept the sleep filled with little girl’s dreams, or so she believed.

  • Escape hatch

    “Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes.” You know it.  I know it. The bullet holes are many. Natural disasters, racial tensions, gun violence, overlooked lower class, overworked middle class, over-criticized upper class - gaping bullet holes.

  • Let me be a woman

    Womanhood - what is it?  With over 70  reported options to choose from when defining gender on Facebook what you came out the womb with isn't enough in defining the amazingness of feminine splendour.